Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

This book is accessible enough for everyone. It’s a novel about romance, misfortune and religion – although not necessarily in that order. Highly critically acclaimed classic.

Main Characters:

  • Jane Eyre- Protagonist and narrator
  • Edward Rochester – Jane’s employer at Thornfield
  • Mrs. Reid – Jane’s aunt who raised her at Gateshead (Cruel and resentful of Jane)
  • St. John Rivers – Jane’s benefactor after she leaves Thornfield (Cold and controlled)
  • Bessie Lee – Maid at Gateshead
  • Bertha Mason – Rochester’s wife

(This is not a full character list – just the most significant)


  • Social class
  • Love and possession
  • Religion
  • Gender equality


Jane Eyre is a book about a mistreated orphan evolving into a poised educated woman who desires to be treated equally to men.

In her childhood Jane is an orphan in Gateshead house, under the care of her bitchy aunt  Mrs. Reid. She is mistreated by her relatives – most notably the bullying she endures from her cousin John Reid (nasty child)

Jane is sent to a school called Lowood where Mr. Brocklehurst – the schools headmaster does not practice the lifestyle he preaches. Jane befriends a lively girl called Helen Burns. The consumption epidemic reaches Lowood – Helen dies, Mr. Brocklehurst fleas. Gentlemen of a kinder disposition take over the school. Jane receives good schooling and remains with the school for 8 years. For 2 of those years she teaches.


Bored of the school, she takes a job as a governess in Thornfield manor. Her student is a french girl called Adele.  Her employer is the moody and mysterious Mr. Rochester. Jane begins to fall in love with him, much to her own shock.

One night she saves him from a fire – he blames Grace Poole, an employee for starting the fire. But Jane is suspicious that Rochester is hiding something from her.


Rochester proposes and Jane, shocked, accepts. Their wedding day arrives but something is amiss.

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What is the secret that Rochester guards so close? Where will Jane go? Who really started the fire?

Read on to find out.

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Favourite quote:

“My very soul demands you” – Jane Eyre

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for romance mingled with a strong Victorian woman, unwillingly to settle for less than equality – you go girl.

4 out of 5 cup rating.

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