Dracula by Bram Stoker

Possibly one of the most influential books ever. Put this one top of your reading list. Stoker created something beautifully disturbing here. Read on.

Main characters:

  • Count Dracula – The vampire
  • Jonathan Harker – A young solicitor. Engaged to Mina Murray
  • Mina Murray – Assistant schoolmistress. Jonathan’s fiancée
  • Miss Lucy Westenra – Mina Murray’s close friend
  • Dr. John Steward – Head of a lunatic asylum


  • Sex
  • Modernity
  • Confinement

Why read Dracula?

Dracula is a book about the consequences of modernity in the Victorian era. It’s an absolute must read for anyone interested in Gothic literature. And anyone who wants to see where the modern day vampire evolved from.


The book opens with Jonathan Harker, a young English solicitor, travelling to Transylvanian to finalize a real estate contract with the mysterious Count Dracula.

Harker receives warnings by locals of his destination. They give him crucifixes and other charms against evil. Harker is scared but determined to conduct his business.


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Harker meets Count Dracula’s carriage as arranged and journeys to the Count’s castle.

Harker soon realizes he’s a captive of the count and attempts to escape.


Dracula leaves Transylvania with 50 boxes of earth, set for England.

Harker’s fiancée Mina visits Lucy at the seaside town of Whitby. A ship is wrecked on the shore. The crew is missing, the captain dead.

Mina finds Lucy sleepwalking soon after. She believes she saw a dark figure with red eyes bent over Lucy.

Lucy has two tiny red marks on her neck that Mina can’t account for.

Lucy dies after a wolf attacks her. (is that really the end of Lucy?)


Lucy becomes one of the “un-dead” and is caught preying on children. She is killed again.

Harker and his companions join forces and agree to destroy Dracula.


Will Harker and co kill Dracula? What of Mina? Are you scared yet?

Read it.

Follow this link for a cheap version of the book.

Watch the movie trailer for the 1992 version here.

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Favourite quote: 

“There is a reason why all things are as they are.” 


I honestly recommend everything to try this book. It had such a huge impact on literature and film, even now it still has an impact.

Stoker broke boundaries with this one.

5 out of 5 cup rating. 

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